28 August 2014

Girls Laughing

My friend came over and started chatting with Greta (4):
- Where is your daddy?

- Daddy is at work. – answered Greta politely.
My friend asked again:

- Where your daddy works?


- At work.

My friend again:

- What does your daddy do?

Greta totally lost he temper:

- What? What? Work!

Lucas (3) trapped his fingers in a kitchen door. It wasn’t bad, so I just cuddled him and said: “It’s not that bad, is it?” He suddenly took my hand, walked me to the kitchen door and said: “Put your finger here, mummy, and I will show you.”

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14 July 2014

I found this somewhere on the Internet ages ago. Makes me giggle everytime I read it :)

A woman in a supermarket is following a grandfather and his badly-behaved grandson. He has his hands full with the child screaming for sweets, biscuits, all sorts of things. The grandad is saying in a controlled voice: "Easy, William, we won't be long . . . easy boy."

Another outburst and she hears the grandad calmly say: "It's okay William. Just a couple more minutes and we'll be out of here. Hang in there, boy."

At the checkout the little horror is throwing items out of the trolley. Grandad says again in a controlled voice: "William, William, relax buddy, don't get upset. We'll be home in five minutes, stay cool William."

Very impressed, she goes outside to where the grandfather is loading his groceries and the boy into the car. She says: 

"It's none of my business, but you were amazing in there. I don't know how you did it. That whole time you kept your composure, and no matter how loud and disruptive he got, you just calmly kept saying things would be okay. William is very lucky to have you as his grandad."

"Thanks," says the grandpa. "But I am William. The little bastard's name is Kevin."

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24 June 2014

My neighbour came over for a cup of coffee. I think she is a lovely looking woman but my daughter Greta was not so sure. She looked at my neighbour and asked:

- Are you a man or a woman?

I was really embarrassed so I tried to ignore her. My neighbour and I kept chatting. But Greta is Greta, she always needs an answer! She asked again:

- Excuse me, are you a man or a woman?

I could not feel more embarrassed and I am sure my neighbour was pretty uncomfortable too. I still tried to ignore her as I hoped she would forget her awful question. But Greta looked at me and said:

- Mummy, it is rude to interrupt. Please, let this person say if she is a man or a woman!..

True story ;)

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16 November 2013

My four year old son saw an old lady with a walking stick and asked her why she needed that stick. The lady looked at him smiling and said:

- You may need one when you get old.

My son:

- No, I won’t. I will have a car!

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03 November 2013

- Mummy, could you buy me a sister, please?
- It is not so simple and I have to ask daddy first.
- You don’t tell daddy. Let it be a surprise!

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01 October 2013

I found this one on the Internet. Made me laugh.

When I was pregnant, I went to my friend who had a four year old daughter Sophie. We were having dinner and then suddenly Sophie told me:

- You should stop eating right now, you are very big!

I smiled and explained that I was big because I had a baby in my belly. Sophie almost fell of her chair:

- You ate a child?!

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18 September 2013


Greta (4 years): 

- Mummy, I was in your tummy when I was little, right? How did I get in? Did you swallow me? No? Through your bum?

Daddy tried to put Greta (4) to bed (which is not an easy job), but she was really cheeky and pretended to have million things to do before going to bed. Daddy got tired of waiting and lay down himself. Greta came to me and said really proudly: “Look mummy, I got daddy crazy!”

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